Golden Needle

What is Golden Needle?

Golden Needle refers to a cutting-edge skin rejuvenation treatment. It uses fine needles coated with gold to deliver therapeutic substances directly into the skin. This innovative technique combines microneedling with the healing properties of gold. It aims to promote skin health and vitality.

Golden Needle

What are they used for?

Golden needles are utilised to treat a variety of skin concerns. This includes wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation. They're also effective in enhancing skin tone, texture, and overall radiance.


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What are the Application Areas of Golden Needle?

This versatile treatment can be applied to the face, neck, décolletage. It's particularly beneficial for areas requiring delicate precision and where skin rejuvenation is desired.

Golden Needle

What are the Benefits of Golden Needle?

  • Reduces signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Minimises scars and hyperpigmentation
  • Stimulates collagen production for firmer skin
  • Offers a non-invasive alternative to more intensive procedures


They involve a series of sessions. During these, the skin is treated with gold-plated microneedles. These sessions can target specific skin issues, leading to visible improvements over time.

Golden Needle

Recovery Time

Recovery is minimal, with most patients able to resume their normal activities immediately after treatment. Some may experience slight redness or sensitivity, which typically subsides within a few days.

How Much does Golden Needle Cost?

Costs can vary based on location. But it costs in Turkey will be significantly lower than Western countries. The cost of this procedure on average is around £650. Factors such as the extent of treatment needed, and the number of sessions also affect the price. However, these treatments are considered an investment in long-term skin health.

Golden Needle

Why Turkey for Golden Needle?

Golden needle Turkey cost: Turkey is known for its advanced medical and aesthetic services. The country offers these aesthetics treatments at competitive prices without compromising quality. Turkey’s skilled practitioners and modern facilities make it a top destination for this luxurious skin treatment.

Why ACIBADEM Beauty Center?

ACIBADEM Beauty Center is at the forefront of aesthetic innovation, offering personalised treatments by experienced professionals. With state-of-the-art technology and a patient-centred approach, ACIBADEM ensures optimal results for all skin types. This premier facility stands out for its exceptional approach to skin care and rejuvenation.  ACIBADEM adheres to international standards of safety and quality in all its procedures. Patients from around the world trust ACIBADEM for achieving outstanding outcomes. While offering world-class treatments, ACIBADEM Beauty Center also provides these services at competitive prices. 

For more information on Golden Needle and other skin treatments, please visit the ACIBADEM Beauty Centre webpage. 

Golden Needle

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, these procedures are considered safe when performed by professionals in a controlled medical environment. The procedure uses fine, gold-plated needles to minimise skin irritation. This enhances the treatment's effectiveness, ensuring patient safety and comfort.

The number of Golden Needle sessions required can vary. This depends on the individual's skin condition and the desired outcome. Typically, a series of 3 to 5 sessions is recommended for optimal results. These are normally spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. However, your specialist at ACIBADEM Beauty Center can provide a personalised treatment plan. 



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