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What is a Dental Implant ? 

Dental implant is an artificial tooth roots and it is usually made by pure titanium. It is shaped like a screw. If you have missing tooth, dental implant is the most accurate treatment method for replacement. It doesn’t damage the other teeth.

Correct planning is the key and the first step for dental implants. In ACIBADEM Dental Clinics, high-tech 3D imaging systems are used for the detailed bone structure.

After planning, the implant is applied to the jawbone by a qualified surgeon. It takes approximately 2 months for the implant to fuse with the lower jawbone. The period is 3 months for the upper jawbone.

Once the healing is complete, an abutment is placed to the dental implant. Abutment is the attachment point for the planned prosthesis. A crown, bridge or removable prosthesis can be attached to abutment. 

Dental Implant

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Why Dental Implants?

  • High compatiblity with human body due to titanium material
  • Implants prevents jaw bone loss and maintain its natural structure.
  • Missing teeth is completed without touching the adjacent stable teeth, at single tooth loss
  • In case of total teeth loss, it is possible to make a permanent prosthesis. 
  • Face symmetry and natural smile are restored.
  • Implants can last a lifetime with proper oral care and regular check-ups.
Dental Implant

Fixed Teeth in One Day with Implant Treatment

With the ability to view the upper and lower jaw bones in detail, improved surface properties of existing implants and with the current dental technology, an edentulous mouth is treated with fixed teeth on the same day with the help of implants.

Dental Implant

Dental Implant Steps

  • Panaromic X-Ray (ideally from the home country)
  • Free consultation and delivery of detailed treatment plan
  • Upon agreement helping for reservations and scheduling

  • Final physical consultation before operation
  • Procedure
  • Antibiotic usage
  • Prefer smaller bites and portions with higher frequency during the day
  • Consume high level of water

  • Sticthes are removed after one week.
  • Patients may prefer either going back to country and make their stitches removed there or they may wait in Turkey to make stitches removed.


  • All necessary preparations with implants for crown fitting are done
  • We make sure your crown looks like an actual real tooth, on your second trip to Turkey

All on 4 and All on 6 (Fixed Denture within the same day with 4 or 6 Implants)

This treatment concept allows temporarily fixed denture at certain angles to edentulous patients on the same day the implant is placed with a surgical operation. Two long and angled implants placed in the posterior regions of the jaws. Fixed prostheses can be fitted on the day of the operation. Tooth extractions and implants can be performed within the same session. It is possible since bone adjustments are also done. It has been implemented for over 20 years with high success rates all over the world.

Which Group of Patient can it be Applied?

This treatment concept can be used for all patients who are eligible for the implant. Patients who suffer from bone resorption on the posterior regions of the jaw can also have a fixed denture without performing advanced surgical operations.

Dental Implant

Computer Supported Treatment Planning

ACIBADEM dental experts will take your detailed history through clinical and radiological examinations. After an appropriate treatment planning, the treatment starts with applying local anaesthesia, sedation or general anaesthesia.  The teeth are extracted, bones adjustments are done and implants are placed in proper positions. Your preliminary prosthesis is aligned and screwed on the implants. These are completed within the same day. At the end of the day, you will leave the clinic with fixed denture and our staff will arrange a follow-up appointment after 10 days. You can have this check at any of our ocal branches or abroad.

Dental Implant

Follow-up Examination is Important

A permanent fixed prosthesis can be attached 4 months after implants. Temporarily fixed dentures are inserted. You can come at any time to have your permanent dentures after this period.

How to take care of dental implants?

Cleaning and maintenance are done with toothbrush and mouthwash. The routine control period is every 6 months. Such checks can be done in our clinics in Turkey or in your local dentist.

Dental Implant

How much Does Dental Implants cost?

Dental implant costs an avearage of 2.000-3.000 £ in UK. Prices can go above 5.000 £ according to surgeons’ experience and clinic’s physical attributions. This price may go well above 8.000 $ in U.S and 8.000 € in top clinics of Switzerland. Dental implant in Turkey is quite price competitive compared to Western Europe. Average dental implant cost in Turkey is around 600 £. Average All on 4 cost in Turkey is around 5.000 £. Where as same service costs upto 20.000 £ in UK. Prices can change according to hospital’s facility quality and the experience of the surgeon.


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