Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure Steps in Turkey

Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure Steps in Turkey

Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure Steps in Turkey


Breast reduction surgery in Turkey is a solution for those with disproportionately large breasts. It can provide relief from the physical and psychological burdens of oversized breasts. Known medically as reduction mammoplasty, this procedure alleviates discomfort. Enhanced body contour and a boost in self confidence can also be outcomes of the surgery.

Why Opt for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Many women with oversized breasts face health issues. These include neck pain, back pain, and skin irritation under the breast crease. Social discomfort and difficulty finding well-fitting clothes lead many to seek surgical correction. Breast reduction surgery offers a solution. Reducing breast volume achieves a healthier, more comfortable size and shape.

Preparation for the Surgery

  • Consultation and Planning: The journey begins with a detailed consultation. Your surgeon will evaluate your medical history, conduct an examination, and discuss your desired outcome. This step ensures a tailored approach, optimising safety and satisfaction. 
  • Pre-operative Guidelines: Patients receive comprehensive instructions to prepare for surgery. These include guidelines on eating, drinking, smoking, and which medications or supplements to avoid. Adhering to these directions is crucial for a successful procedure and smooth recovery.
  • Arranging Recovery Time: Patients must plan for post-operative recovery. It involves arranging time off work, ensuring home help, and setting up a recovery space. Preparation eases the post-surgery phase, contributing to a more pleasant experience.

Understanding the Procedure Steps

Breast reduction surgery, while complex, is routinely performed with high success rates in Turkey. Here's what the process entails:

  • Anaesthesia: Procedures start with the administration of anaesthesia. Your doctor will recommend the type for you, ensuring comfort and safety throughout the operation.
  • Incision: The surgeon makes precise incisions. Their pattern and location depend on your breast composition, reduction magnitude, and specific goals. Common techniques include a keyhole or anchor pattern.
  • Tissue Removal and Reshaping: Excess breast tissue, fat, and skin are surgically removed. The remaining tissue is reshaped, and nipples repositioned to form a new, smaller breast contour.
  • Closing Incisions: The surgeon uses sutures to close the incisions. Sometimes, drains are placed in the breasts to remove excess fluid. Incision lines are permanent but typically fade over time. 

Breast reduction surgery in Turkey

Post-operative Care and Recovery

  • Initial Recovery: Post-surgery, you'll be taken to a recovery area for close monitoring. You may have drainage tubes, which are usually removed within a few days.
  • Pain Management and Support Garments: Discomfort is expected following surgery. Pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications are prescribed to manage this. Additionally, you'll need to wear special supportive garments to minimise swelling and support your breasts.
  • Follow-up Appointments: Regular check-ups are crucial. These appointments allow your surgeon to track your progress and address any concerns promptly.
  • Long-term Results: Some results are visible immediately. However, the final shape and position often emerge over the following months. Scars will continue to fade, and satisfaction with your new image grows.

Concluding on the Benefits

Opting for breast reduction surgery in Turkey offers numerous benefits. The country's medical facilities boast advanced infrastructure, experienced surgeons, and affordable prices compared to Western countries. Moreover, the hospitality and post-operative care provide a comfortable, stress-free experience for patients.

Breast reduction surgery can be a transformative procedure, significantly improving your quality of life. It's vital to follow your surgeon's advice and maintain realistic expectations about the surgery outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What are the health reasons behind considering breast reduction surgery?

Individuals often seek breast reduction due to physical discomfort. This includes back pain, skin irritations, or restrictions in activity caused by excessive breast weight.

2.How long is the recovery period after breast reduction surgery?

Recovery varies per individual, but most patients resume normal activity within 4-6 weeks post-surgery. Full recovery and final results typically settle within several months.

3.Are the results of breast reduction surgery permanent?

Breast reduction offers long-lasting results. However factors like ageing, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy can alter size and shape over time.

4. What are the risks associated with breast reduction surgery?

As with any surgery, potential risks include scarring, infection, bleeding, or uneven nipple position. Choosing a skilled surgeon in Turkey significantly mitigates these risks.

5.Why is Turkey a preferred destination for breast reduction surgery?

Turkey is renowned for its advanced medical facilities, expert surgeons, and competitive prices. Turkey is an attractive destination for patients seeking quality yet affordable breast reduction surgery.


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