Why Choose Plastic Surgery in Turkey?

Why Choose Plastic Surgery in Turkey?

Why Choose Plastic Surgery in Turkey?

Highly-Qualified Plastic Surgeons

Turkey boasts an array of internationally recognized plastic surgeons and clinics. These professionals frequently attend international conferences, staying updated with the latest techniques and technologies. Their global exposure ensures they can meet international standards of surgery. 

Advanced Facilities

Turkish medical facilities are on par with some of the best in the world. Many Turkish hospitals hold accreditations from international organisations, guaranteeing that they meet global healthcare standards. ACIBADEM is a global healthcare leader with 24 hospitals and 15 outpatient clinics. We offer our patients world-leading experts and state-of-the-art medical technology. All of the hospitals within the group meet global standards as centres of excellence. This ensures every patient receives the highest quality of care available.


One of the significant reasons patients flock to Turkey is the cost savings. The cost of plastic surgery in Turkey is a fraction of other countries. At the same time, the quality remains the same as in the UK, Europe and America. This includes considering factors like travel and accommodation. This combination of affordability and expertise makes Turkey an attractive choice for many international patients.

5-Star Comprehensive Care

Many Turkish clinics offer comprehensive packages that include plastic surgery, post-operative care and accommodation. ACIBADEM offers a 5-star medical tourism experience. ACIBADEM’s Health Point Programme is designed to help patients every step of the way. From applying for their medical consultancy with a plastic surgeon to scheduling their healthcare journey. The ACIBADEM team can even accompany patients throughout their medical transfers.  

Bespoke Service

Turkish clinics and hospitals understand the unique needs of international patients. Services are often tailored to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of patients travelling from abroad. Language barriers can be daunting, but in ACIBADEM’s leading clinics, this is never a concern. Leaving providers such as ACIBADEM offer multilingual staff and translation services. 

Natural Beauty for Recovery

Turkey offers serene locations, from beaches to mountains, providing the perfect environment for relaxation and recovery after surgery. Locations like Antalya, with its pristine beaches, are often recommended by clinics for patients looking for a peaceful recovery spot. Many clinics offer packages which combine surgery with leisure. This means patients get medical care but also experience the culture and beauty of Turkey. 

Why Choose Plastic Surgery in Turkey


Turkey stands out as a top destination for plastic surgery. Combining expertise, cutting-edge facilities, and an enriching cultural experience, it provides unparalleled value. For those considering plastic surgery, Turkey promises transformative results but also a memorable journey. This blend of professional healthcare and a captivating environment makes Turkey the go-to choice.

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1. Is it safe to have plastic surgery in Turkey?

Yes, provided you choose accredited hospitals and qualified surgeons. Always conduct thorough research.

2. Can I travel around Turkey after my procedure?

Depending on the surgery, doctors might advise some rest. However, once recovered, you can explore the country.

3. Are there English-speaking staff in Turkish clinics?

Yes, most top-tier clinics catering to international patients have English-speaking staff and translators.

4. What is the recovery time for my procedure?

Recovery time varies depending on the surgery. Always consult with your surgeon for precise timelines.

5. Can I combine multiple procedures in one trip?

Yes, many patients opt for multiple procedures in one visit. Consult with your clinic for recommendations and planning.


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