What Is the Best Season for Plastic Surgery?

What Is the Best Season for Plastic Surgery?

What Is the Best Season for Plastic Surgery?


Deciding to undergo plastic surgery is a significant step towards self-improvement. Factors like choosing the right surgeon, hospital and location are crucial. This is not even including the decision of which procedure is best for you! However, there is another key factor which many patients do not consider. But can have a large effect on your experience, and recovery. This is: determining the time of year, or season, to undergo surgery. Choosing the right timing can be just as crucial as selecting the procedure itself. This article explores the ideal times of the year for various plastic surgery procedures. Helping you make an informed decision tailored to your lifestyle and goals.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Season

Timing your plastic surgery isn't just about your personal availability. It involves considering recovery times, seasonal advantages, and how the procedure aligns with your lifestyle. Several factors should be taken into account to ensure a smooth procedure and recovery:

  1. Weather Conditions: Cooler months often offer the best conditions. As extreme heat can exacerbate swelling and discomfort during recovery. Additionally, lower UV indexes in autumn and winter reduce the risk of scar darkening.
  2. Work and Social Commitments: Consider periods when workloads are lighter or social engagements are fewer. Holiday seasons or annual leave are ideal times to schedule your surgery around. Patients find it easier to take the time off for surgery and recovery.
  3. Recovery Requirements: Depending on the type of surgery, recovery times can vary. Some procedures require longer downtime. It might be beneficial to schedule during times when staying indoors is more comfortable and practical.
  4. Availability of Assistance: It’s crucial to have support during your recovery. Plan your surgery when family or friends are available to help. Especially during the initial days post-surgery.
  5. Seasonal Promotions: Some clinics offer seasonal discounts, which can be a consideration if budget is a constraint. However, decisions should not be based solely on cost but rather on the quality of care.
  6. Travelling Abroad: Many patients that choose medical tourism want to make the most out of their travel abroad. They want to combine their recovery with a holiday in nice weather. For this reason it makes sense for patients to choose hotter times of year. Many hospitals offer holiday packages combined with surgery so the country can be fully enjoyed.

Best Season for Plastic Surgery

Benefits of Each Season

Each season offers unique advantages that can be pivotal in planning your surgery:


  • Spring's mild weather offers a comfortable recovery environment. Free from the extremes of summer heat or winter chill.
  • Recovering in spring prepares your body in time to enjoy summer activities fully.


  • While summer heat can increase discomfort during recovery due to swelling. It's often easier to take time off during this season.
  • Using summer vacations for recovery means you won't have to take additional time off work.
  • Hotter temperatures mean medical tourists can combine their surgery with a summer holiday.


  • Autumn is considered ideal by many due to colder weather, which allows for cool healing time. 
  • It also makes wearing compression garments more comfortable and managing post-surgery appointments easier.
  • With kids back in school, scheduling surgery becomes more straightforward for parents.


  • Winter allows for a cosy, indoor recovery. It is perfect for those who can take advantage of the holiday season to rest without using a lot of vacation days.
  • The need to stay warm and covered up works well with post-surgery care, keeping surgical sites protected.
  • Compression garments can be easily hidden under larger seasonal clothing at this time of year. Which makes it the best time to have body surgeries like tummy tucks or liposuction.

Best Season for Plastic Surgery in Turkey


The best season for plastic surgery is not merely about personal convenience. Understanding the seasonal advantages can help you plan your surgery for optimal results and comfort. Choosing the best season for plastic surgery involves a blend of factors. Personal preference, physical readiness, and practical logistics all come into the decision. External factors like weather and seasonal deals should also be considered. This will help minimise stress and speed up recovery. Always discuss with your plastic surgeon to determine the optimal time for your surgery. Discuss this with a surgeon at ACIBADEM by booking a consultation through their webpage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How do I prepare for surgery, regardless of the season?

Preparation involves following your surgeon's pre-operative instructions. May include dietary adjustments, smoking cessation, and arranging for post-surgery care.

2.Is there a recovery advantage to having surgery just before a season change?

Yes, having surgery when seasons change can be beneficial. Recovering from a summer surgery as autumn approaches can be more comfortable as temperatures drop.

3.Are there specific surgeries that are better suited for certain seasons?

Yes. Some surgeries involve significant recovery time or the need for compression garments. For example body contouring procedures are often better suited for cooler months.

4.Can holiday breaks be a good time to schedule a surgery?

Holiday breaks can offer a convenient time for surgeries. They may provide additional recovery time without the need for extensive time off work or school.


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