Why is Turkey a Preference for Breast Augmentation?

Why is Turkey a Preference for Breast Augmentation?

Why is Turkey a Preference for Breast Augmentation?


The allure of cosmetic enhancement knows no borders. However, it does when it comes to choosing the best destination for such procedures. Turkey has emerged as a frontrunner destination for medical tourism, particularly for breast augmentation. It emerges due to a blend of affordability, world-class medical facilities and skilled surgeons. With a touch of Turkish hospitality, these factors are positioning Turkey on the global map. In this article, we delve into the reasons. Why has Turkey got a growing reputation as a top choice for breast augmentation?

Affordability Without Compromising Quality

One of the main reasons patients choose Turkey for breast augmentation is the affordability. In comparison to Western European or North American prices, Turkey offers significantly lower costs. The average cost of breast augmentation in Turkey is £3,000, and the UK is £10,000. Yet, this reduction in price doesn't equate to a reduction in quality. The country maintains strict regulations and standards that clinics and hospitals must adhere to. This ensures patients receive the best possible care. 

State-of-the-Art Breast AugmentationMedical Facilities

Medical tourism is a priority in Turkey. As a result, there's been significant investment in hospital infrastructure and technology. Patients undergoing breast augmentation in Turkey can expect high standards. This includes being treated in facilities that are contemporary and clean. The facilities are also equipped with the latest medical technology. 

Why is Turkey a Preference for Breast Augmentation

Skilled Plastic Surgeons with Global Training

The surgeons in Turkey are some of the best globally. Many have undergone training in Europe or the US. Some are members of international plastic surgery organisations. Their expertise is reflected in the high satisfaction rates reported by foreign patients. 

Rich Cultural and Historical Experiences

Beyond the medical aspect, Turkey offers an enriching cultural experience. From the streets of Istanbul to the surreal landscapes of Cappadocia, there's much to explore. This blend of medical and tourism opportunities provides a holistic experience. It provides patients with more than just a surgical procedure.

Personalized Breast AugmentationCare and Treatment

Turkish hospitality is renowned worldwide. In the medical sector, this translates to personalised patient care. Every patient's journey, from initial consultation to post-operative check-ups, is tailor-made. Ensuring comfort, satisfaction, and optimal results is priority. 

Ease of Communication

The growth of medical tourism in Turkey has resulted in more English-speaking medical professionals. Top clinics have interpreters or English-speaking staff. This ensures that language isn't a barrier to receiving top-quality care.

Post-Breast Augmentation

Turkey offers a plethora of serene environments perfect for post-surgery recovery. From coastal regions with their pristine beaches or the quiet countryside with its natural beauty. Patients can always find a calm spot to recuperate.

Inclusive Medical Tourism Packages

To make the entire process hassle-free, many clinics in Turkey offer comprehensive packages. These packages often include the surgery, accommodation, airport transfers, and sometimes even sightseeing tours. All-inclusive deals remove the stress of planning and provide patients with peace of mind.

Safety and Accreditation

Safety is paramount, and Turkish medical facilities understand this. Most top-tier clinics and hospitals have international accreditations. This makes certain that they maintain global standards in patient care, safety protocols, and medical procedures.


Turkey's reputation in medical tourism, especially for procedures like breast augmentation, continues to grow. Turkey boasts skilled professionals, advanced facilities, and unparalleled hospitality. All of this is further boosted by Turkey’s history, culture and sights. Combined, this makes Turkey a preferred choice for many.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Why are breast augmentation procedures more affordable in Turkey compared to Western countries?

Turkey offers affordable medical treatments primarily due to lower operational costs. Currency rates, and government incentives for medical tourism also play a part. Yet, this doesn't compromise the quality of service.

2.How does Turkey maintain high-quality standards for breast augmentation despite the lower costs?

Turkey's healthcare system invests heavily in state-of-the-art technology and rigorous surgeon training. Many Turkish hospitals are internationally accredited, ensuring world-class standards.

3.Are language barriers a concern when seeking breast augmentation in Turkey?

While Turkish is the primary language, many doctors and medical staff speak English. Additionally, hospitals catering to international patients often have interpreters or coordinators to assist.

4.Do medical facilities in Turkey offer comprehensive packages that include both the surgery and tourism aspects?

Yes, many clinics offer multifaceted packages. They include the procedure, accommodation, transfers, and sometimes even tours, ensuring a seamless experience.

5.How does the skill level of Turkish plastic surgeons compare to those in Europe or the US?

Many Turkish plastic surgeons have trained abroad and possess international certifications. Their expertise is comparable to, if not exceeding, their Western counterparts.


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