Breast Augmentation Surgery: Why is Turkey Popular?

Breast Augmentation Surgery: Why is Turkey Popular?

Breast Augmentation Surgery: Why is Turkey Popular?

Turkey has emerged as a leading destination for breast augmentation surgery, attracting patients worldwide. This article explores the reasons behind Turkey's popularity in offering breast augmentation surgery.

Excellence in Cosmetic Surgery

Turkey boasts state-of-the-art medical facilities and advanced surgical techniques in cosmetic surgery. They offer high quality medical services which compete as some of the best across the globe. Similarly, Turkish plastic surgeons are renowned for their expertise, often trained internationally.

Affordability Without Compromise

Many people choose to come to Turkey for medical tourism due to the affordability of medical treatments there. Some of the reasons why it is good value for money include:

Cost-Effective Procedures: Breast augmentation in Turkey is significantly more affordable than in many countries. This includes western countries such as the UK, America and Germany. The average cost of breast augmentation in Turkey is £3,000, and the UK is £10,000. Turkey follows strict procedures and guidelines which means lower cost does not mean lower quality.

All-Inclusive Packages: Many clinics offer packages that include surgery, accommodation, and transport. This reduces costs and ensures that everything is taken care of. This means the patient can focus on recovery.

Advanced Technology and Techniques

Latest Surgical Methods: Turkish clinics use the latest medical technologies. They use advanced surgical methods for breast augmentation.

Focus on Aesthetics and Safety: Surgeons balance aesthetic goals with patient safety, providing personalised care.

Turkey's Healthcare Infrastructure

An influx in medical tourism has resulted in significant investment in hospital infrastructure and technology. Patients undergoing breast augmentation in Turkey can expect high standards. Turkey's hospitals and clinics are equipped with modern facilities and adhere to international standards. The Turkish government even actively supports and promotes the country's medical tourism sector.

Comprehensive Patient Care

Clinics in Turkey provide comprehensive care, from initial consultation to post-surgery follow-up. ACIBADEM’s 360° holistic approach means that patients can have peace of mind going into surgery.

Interpretation and translation should not be a worry for patients choosing Turkey. Staff are multilingual, understanding various cultural backgrounds and needs.

The Breast Augmentation Surgery Procedure Process

1.Initial Consultations

Surgeons discuss options, expectations, and potential outcomes with patients. They will assess your candidacy for the surgery. Good candidates will be in good physical and mental health.

2.Customised Treatment Plans

Each patient receives a tailored treatment plan suited to their specific needs and aims. This includes size and type of implants.

3.Post-Surgery Recovery

Clinics offer detailed aftercare instructions and support for recovery. Patients can recover surrounded by the tranquil settings of Turkey. From coastal regions to pristine beaches to the quiet countryside with its natural beauty. Patients can always find a calm spot to recuperate.

Why Else Do Patients Choose Turkey for Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Combining Surgery with Tourism

Patients often combine their medical trips with a vacation in Turkey’s beautiful locales. Some medical packages can include sightseeing tours.

Positive Patient Testimonials

Many patients share positive experiences and outcomes, encouraging others.

Considering Breast Augmentation in Turkey

Research is key. Prospective patients should research and choose accredited clinics and experienced surgeons. As with any surgery, understanding the risks and having realistic expectations is crucial.


Turkey's popularity for breast augmentation surgery stems from its combination of quality and affordability. They also provide comprehensive patient care. With its advanced healthcare system and experienced surgeons, Turkey is an attractive option.

To find out more about ACIBADEM’s breast surgeries, please visit the Breast Augmentation ACIBADEM Beauty Centre page.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does breast augmentation cost in Turkey?

Costs vary but are generally lower than in the US and Europe.

2. Is the quality of breast augmentation in Turkey comparable to other countries?

Yes, Turkey offers high standards of care and technology in breast augmentation.

3. What should I consider before choosing a clinic in Turkey?

Look for accredited facilities with experienced and reputable surgeons.

4. How long is the recovery period after breast augmentation in Turkey?

Recovery varies but typically involves a few weeks to a month.

5. Can I travel immediately after my surgery?

It’s advised to rest and follow your surgeon's guidelines before travelling.


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