Vaginoplasty in Turkey: What to Expect, Procedure, Cost

Vaginoplasty in Turkey: What to Expect, Procedure, Cost

Vaginoplasty in Turkey: What to Expect, Procedure, Cost


Embark on a transformative journey with vaginoplasty in Turkey. This surgical procedure on the vagina is rapidly growing in popularity. This procedure not only enhances physical comfort but also boosts confidence. People also choose vaginoplasty as a form of gender affirmation surgery. Therefore, it is a sought-after choice for many. Turkey is also a popular destination for this procedure, renowned for combining quality healthcare with affordability. Explore the transformative journey of vaginoplasty in Turkey in this article.  

What is Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure aimed at tightening the vaginal canal and surrounding muscles. It is often sought by mothers after childbirth or due to ageing. This procedure aims to improve quality of life by addressing physical discomfort. It can actually enhance sexual satisfaction, correcting misconceptions about its purpose. This reconstruction of the vaginal canal therefore has both medical and aesthetic reasonings. 

The Vaginoplasty Procedure

  • Initial Consultation: This crucial first step involves discussing your expectations. The surgeon will evaluate your health status, and explain the procedure in detail. It's an opportunity to address any questions about the surgery, recovery, and expected outcomes.
  • Pre-Operative Preparations: Before the surgery, patients undergo a series of health evaluations. Instructions on fasting and medication adjustments will be provided.
  • Day of the Surgery: On the day of the procedure, patients are made comfortable in the surgical facility. The surgery usually takes about one to two hours, depending on the complexity. It is performed under general anaesthesia to ensure the patient's comfort. 
  • Surgical Technique: The surgeon makes precise incisions, often in the vaginal area, where scars are less visible. Through these incisions, excess tissue is removed, and the vaginal canal is tightened. The goal is to enhance both the function and aesthetic appearance of the vaginal area.
  • Closing the Incisions: The incisions are meticulously closed with sutures that typically dissolve on their own over time. This meticulous approach minimises scarring and promotes a smoother recovery.
  • Post-Surgery Care: Immediately after the surgery, patients are moved to a recovery area. Pain management and aftercare instructions are provided.

What to Expect During Recovery

On average it can take 6-8 weeks for recovery from vaginoplasty surgery. Expect light bleeding for 48 hours after the surgery. Swelling, bruising, itchiness and sensation loss is also expected. 

Cost of Vaginoplasty in Turkey

Cost of vaginoplasty in Turkey is on average $3,700. This affordable price does not mean that quality is compromised. Factors such as clinic choice and surgical specifics affect these costs.

Choosing the Right Clinic and Surgeon in Turkey

Look for qualifications, board certifications and patient reviews when choosing your surgeon. Seek out clinics with international accreditations for peace of mind. Embark on a vaginoplasty journey with ACIBADEM Beauty Center. Patients will have a thorough consultation with a skilled surgeon specialising in female genital surgeries. For more information on vaginoplasty at ACIBADEM Beauty Center, please visit their webpage.

Benefits of Undergoing Vaginoplasty in Turkey

Turkey offers access to world-renowned surgeons and state-of-the-art facilities. Their minimally invasive techniques allow for smoother recovery and healing. Patients also have the opportunity to recover in a scenic location. Turkey's healthcare system is designed to support international patients, from initial consultation through recovery. 

Vaginoplasty in Turkey: What to Expect, Procedure, Cost


It is important to acknowledge the risks associated with vaginoplasty, as with any surgery. Choosing a skilled surgeon and following pre- and post-operative instructions can mitigate these risks. Consider Turkey for vaginoplasty for cost savings and for the quality of care. Vaginoplasty in Turkey is designed to be a transformative experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How long is the recovery time?

Recovery time can vary, but most patients resume normal activities within 4-6 weeks, with full recovery taking up to six months.

2.How long do the results last?

Results can be long-lasting, especially with a healthy lifestyle, though natural aging processes will continue.

3.Is the procedure painful?

Any discomfort can typically be managed with prescribed pain medication during the initial recovery period.

4.Can vaginoplasty affect childbirth in the future?

It's important to discuss future pregnancy plans with your surgeon as it may affect recommendations and outcomes.


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