What Are The Benefits of Bariatric Surgery in Turkey?

What Are The Benefits of Bariatric Surgery in Turkey?

What Are The Benefits of Bariatric Surgery in Turkey?

Why Bariatric Surgery?

  • Bariatric surgery offers profound health benefits for individuals grappling with severe obesity
  • As a treatment option, this is not just about pure weight loss
  • Bariatric surgery can dramatically enhance overall health, reducing risks associated with obesity-related conditions. These include diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases
  • The procedure can significantly improve mobility, psychological well-being, and quality of life

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery in Turkey

Types of Bariatric Surgery Available In Turkey

Gastric Sleeve (Sleeve Gastrectomy)

  • Approximately 80% of the stomach is removed
  • Leaves a tube-shaped stomach about the size of a banana
  • This limits the amount of food you can eat and helps you feel full sooner

Gastric Bypass (Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass)

  • Involves creating a small pouch at the top of the stomach
  • The pouch is then connected directly to the small intestine
  • Bypasses most of your stomach and the first section of your small intestine (duodenum)
  • Restricts food intake and decreases calorie absorption

Swallowable Gastric Balloon

  • Involves swallowing a balloon in a form such as a pill
  • The balloon is then inflated once it is inside the stomach
  • After a predetermined period, typically around 6 months, the balloon is deflated and removed

Endoscopic Gastric Balloon

  • A balloon is placed in the stomach via an endoscope
  • Under sedation, a doctor inserts an endoscope into the stomach and then places the deflated balloon
  • This is then filled with liquid to occupy space in the stomach
  • After a predetermined period, the balloon is deflated and removed endoscopically

Benefits of Undergoing Bariatric Surgery in Turkey

  • Affordability - Turkey offers these surgeries at a cost significantly lower than in the US and Europe. All without compromising on quality
  • Expertise - Surgeons in Turkey are highly skilled and often internationally trained, providing top-tier medical procedures
  • Advanced Facilities - Hospitals are equipped with cutting-edge technology and adhere to international healthcare standards
  • Holistic Care - Turkey offers comprehensive support from dietitians, psychologists, and physical therapists. This helps patients successfully navigate their weight loss journey
  • Touristic Recovery - Patients can recuperate in a scenic setting. Enhance the recovery experience with Turkey’s rich culture and beautiful landscapes

Considerations Before Surgery

  • Choosing to undergo bariatric surgery is a major decision that requires careful consideration
  • Ensure you research into the type of surgery that best fits your needs. Also consider any potential recovery challenges before undertaking the procedure
  • It's essential to consult with experienced medical professionals. They can provide a thorough assessment and explain both the risks and benefits.

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Post-Surgery Care in Turkey

  • Turkey’s healthcare facilities excel in post-operative care, which is crucial for a successful recovery
  • Follow-up care includes nutritional guidance to help adapt to a new diet. Physical therapy will help adjust to changes in body weight and shape. Regular monitoring will help prevent complications

How Much Does It Cost?

This will vary depending on the type of surgery and the chosen hospital. Costs in Turkey are significantly lower than in Western countries. This cost-effectiveness, combined with high-quality care, makes Turkey an attractive option for many. This procedure costs from around $5500.

Choosing Turkey for bariatric surgery means accessing world-class medical care at affordable rates. There’s also the opportunity to recover in one of the world’s most hospitable, scenic environments.

For further information on Bariatric Surgery, please visit the ACIBADEM Beauty CenterObesity Surgery page.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How safe is bariatric surgery in Turkey?

Safety is paramount, and Turkish clinics adhere to strict international standards

2. What is the success rate of bariatric surgery in Turkey?

High success rates are reported due to skilled surgeons and comprehensive care

3. Can international patients receive follow-up care remotely?

Yes, many clinics offer remote consultations and follow-up services


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