Mommy Makeover Turkey: Procedure, Cost, Options

Mommy Makeover Turkey: Procedure, Cost, Options

Mommy Makeover Turkey: Procedure, Cost, Options


A mommy makeover offers a comprehensive solution for mothers looking to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies. Combining various surgical procedures, it addresses areas most affected by childbirth and breastfeeding. The goal is to restore you to your pre-pregnancy appearance or better.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover is a combination of cosmetic surgeries tailored to address post-pregnancy body changes. It aims to restore the shape and appearance of a woman's body after childbearing. Common procedures include tummy tuck, breast augmentation or lift , and liposuction. Some women also opt for buttock augmentation or vaginal rejuvenation. The goal is to enhance confidence and comfort in one's own body. This personalised approach ensures each patient's unique needs are met.

Procedures Involved

  • Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty): Removes excess skin and tightens abdominal muscles.
  • Breast Lift/Augmentation: Restores or increases breast volume and position.
  • Liposuction: Eliminates stubborn fat deposits.
  • Buttock Augmentation: Enhances the shape and size of the buttocks.
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation: Tightens tissues and improves the function and aesthetic appearance of the vaginal area.

Mommy Makeover Turkey: Procedure, Cost, Options

Options and Customisation

The beauty of a mommy makeover lies in its customization. Patients choose procedures that best meet their needs and goals. Options range from abdominal tightening to breast enhancement and fat removal. Surgeons work with individuals to craft a detailed surgery plan. It will align with their recovery timeline and aesthetic desires. Skin treatments and non-invasive procedures can also complement surgical results. This personalisation ensures every patient achieves her desired outcome, enhancing satisfaction with the process.

Cost in Turkey

Costs can vary widely based on the procedures selected but are generally lower in Turkey than in many other countries. This makes it a popular destination for medical tourism.

Prices often include all associated fees, such as hospital stay and aftercare. For example, post-surgery garments.

Why Choose Turkey?

  • Turkey is renowned for combining quality healthcare with affordability, attracting patients globally. The country leads with cutting-edge technology and expert surgeons. 
  • Costs are significantly lower than in the US or Europe, making it a cost-effective choice. ACIBADEM Beauty Centre offers personalised care plans in luxurious settings. 
  • The hospitality and warmth of Turkish culture enhance the recovery experience. 
  • Additionally, Turkey's rich history and beautiful landscapes provide a serene backdrop for recovery.

Recovery and Aftercare

Recovery from a mommy makeover varies but typically involves rest and specific care instructions. Initial recovery may take 2-3 weeks, with full activity resumption in 6 weeks. Patients should follow their surgeon's advice closely for optimal healing. Pain management, wound care, and mobility tips are generally part of the aftercare package. Wearing compression garments may be recommended to reduce swelling.Proper nutrition and hydration support healing and overall well-being. 


A mommy makeover in Turkey offers a transformative experience for mothers wishing to reclaim their bodies. With personalised care, advanced surgical options, and cost-effective pricing, Turkey stands out as a premier destination for this life-changing journey.  ACIBADEM’s reputation for excellence in cosmetic surgery draws patients for mommy makeovers and more. To learn more about ‘Mommy Makeover’ surgery, visit the ACIBADEM Beauty Centre website.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is a mommy makeover painful?

Discomfort varies, but pain management is provided.

2.How long is the recovery?

Typically, 4-6 weeks for most activities.

3.What is the best time for a mommy makeover after childbirth?

It's best to wait at least 6 months postpartum or after breastfeeding.

4.Are mommy makeover results permanent?

Results can be long-lasting with a healthy lifestyle.

5.Can I combine a mommy makeover with other procedures?

Yes, it's often combined with other cosmetic enhancements for comprehensive results.


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