Weight Loss Surgery Turkey: What to Expect, Procedure, Cost

Weight Loss Surgery Turkey: What to Expect, Procedure, Cost

Weight Loss Surgery Turkey: What to Expect, Procedure, Cost

Turkey is a global hotspot for weight loss surgery, offering quality services at affordable prices. We'll explore what patients can expect from undergoing weight loss or bariatric surgery in Turkey. This article provides information on everything from specific procedure details to cost considerations.

Understanding weight loss surgery in Turkey

What is Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight loss surgery, or bariatric surgery, helps significantly reduce weight and improve obesity-related health conditions.

Why Choose Turkey?

  • Affordability and Quality

Turkey offers a cost-effective alternative for bariatric surgery. Patients are able to pay less without compromising on quality or expertise.

  • Experienced Surgeons

Turkish surgeons are renowned for their expertise in bariatric procedures. Many are backed by international training and certifications.

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities

Turkey's medical facilities are equipped with the latest technology, adhering to international healthcare standards.

What are the Different Types of Weight Loss Surgery?

Gastric Sleeve (Sleeve Gastrectomy)

This surgery involves removing around 80% of the stomach. It leaves a "sleeve"-like section similar in size to a banana. The smaller stomach helps patients feel full faster, leading them to consume less food.

Gastric Bypass (Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass)

This procedure involves 'bypassing' a large portion of the stomach. A smaller section of the stomach is linked directly to the small intestine. Again, this means patients feel full more quickly, limiting food intake.

Gastric balloon (Swallowable)

This is a non-surgical procedure that involves swallowing a small balloon. This is often done in pill-form. The balloon is then inflated once it is inside the stomach, limiting space. The gastric balloon (swallowable) can be excreted naturally from the body. So it does not need to be removed.

Gastric balloon (Endoscopic)

This involves placing a balloon in the stomach via a thin tube called an endoscope. Under sedation, a doctor inserts an endoscope into the stomach. A deflated balloon is inserted, then filled with liquid to occupy space in the stomach. After a predetermined period the balloon is deflated and removed endoscopically. 

Weight Loss Surgery Turkey: What to Expect, Procedure, Cost

The Procedure Process

When considering bariatric surgery, understanding the detailed steps of the procedure process is crucial. Here's an expanded look into what patients can expect:

Initial Consultation

  • The journey starts with a comprehensive evaluation by a bariatric surgeon
  • Medical history, current health status, and weight loss goals are thoroughly assessed
  • Psychological evaluations may also be conducted to ensure mental preparedness

Preoperative Preparation

  • Patients undergo a series of diagnostic tests like blood work, and cardiac and liver assessments
  • Nutritional counselling can be provided to prepare for pre- and post-surgery dietary changes
  • Patients receive detailed instructions on pre-surgery fasting and other necessary preparations

Post-Operative Recovery

  • Patients are closely monitored in a post-operative recovery area
  • Initial recovery involves managing pain and gradually reintroducing fluids
  • The hospital stay may last from one to a few days. This depends on the surgery type and the patient’s response

Long-Term Follow-Up

  • Ongoing support and follow-up are crucial for successful weight management post-surgery
  • Regular check-ups, either in-person or via telemedicine, help track progress and address concerns

Cost Considerations

Affordable Prices

The cost of weight loss can be substantial. That said, the cost of surgery in Turkey is generally lower than in Western countries. This is often the case even when you include the cost of travel expenses. 

Insurance cover

While many insurance plans do cover weight loss surgery, they often have specific requirements. Patients should discuss coverage with their insurance company and consider all factors. These include the need for follow-up appointments and dietary changes.

Package Deals

Many clinics offer all-inclusive packages covering surgery, accommodation, and aftercare.

For further information on weight loss surgery, please visit the ACIBADEM Beauty CentreObesity Surgery page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long is the recovery period for weight loss surgery in Turkey?

Recovery varies depending on the procedure, typically ranging from a few weeks to months.

2. Is weight loss surgery in Turkey safe?

Yes, when performed at accredited facilities by experienced surgeons, it's safe and effective.

3. What is the success rate of weight loss surgery in Turkey?

Turkey boasts high success rates, comparable to leading countries in bariatric surgery.

4. Are there language barriers in Turkish medical facilities?

Many Turkish medical professionals and staff speak English, easing communication for international patients.

5. Can I travel soon after my weight loss surgery?

It's advised to rest and recover as per the surgeon's guidance before travelling post-surgery.


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